React Native: Packaging and Sharing Native Modules

While playing around with React Native I needed some functionality that wasn't provided by default. Fortunately, the React Native team gave us a bridge to use the iOS core libraries and Objective-C. I followed this tutorial and soon I had a working example. The next step was to package up my code so it could be easily imported in to other people's projects (e.g. react-native-network-info).

Prepare the node package

Since these libraries are distributed via NPM, first get the basic node package in place.

Create a new react native project

react-native init ExampleProject

Create the package's meta json

mkdir ExampleProject/node_modules/react-native-network-info
cd ExampleProject/node_modules/react-native-network-info
npm init

Create the project file in Xcode

Open Xcode, "Create a new Xcode Project", "Cocoa Touch Static Library" click Next, Create a Product Name (e.g. RNNetworkInfo) and save it in our newly created folder in the node_modules folder (ExampleProject/node_modules/react-native-network-info)

Develop your Objective-C (or Swift) Library

Check out React Native's docs for more details on how to pass data between Objective-C and React Native.

Header Search Paths

Build the project to make sure the build is successful.

Create the node package wrapper

Create "NetworkInfo.js" in ExampleProject/node_modules/react-native-network-info (or whatever name is in the 'main' attribute of your package.json).

In my case, I had 2 methods: getSSID and getIPAddress

'use strict';

var RNNetworkInfo = require('NativeModules').RNNetworkInfo;

var NetworkInfo = {
  getSSID(ssid) {

  getIPAddress(ip) {

module.exports = NetworkInfo;

Import your library from Xcode to ExampleProject

Open ExampleProject.xcodeproj

Right click on the Libraries folder and "Add files to ExampleProject" and find "RNNetworkInfo.xcodeproj" (in node_modules) and "Add"

Click on your Project then the "Build Phases" tab, Link Binary With Libraries, Plus icon to add, select libRNNetworkInfo.a and Add

Link Binary With Libraries

Use your library in ExampleProject

Click on the play icon to bring up the simulator and see your react native boilerplate app. Once up, edit index.ios.js in your ExampleProject file, import and use your new package:

var NetworkInfo = require('react-native-network-info');

NetworkInfo.getIPAddress(ip => {


Once everything is complete just publish your node_module to NPM to make it easy for others to import :)